Babak Safari

Graphic Designer

Art Director



I am Babak Safari, was Born in 1986 in Iran. a doctoral student in the field of Fine Arts and Art Conservation at the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology. With over 13 years of professional experience as an artistic director and freelance graphic designer in my studio, I am passionate about design inspired by biomimicry, art, and the hidden geometrical principles of Iranian art, collaborating with countries such as the United States, Italy, Poland, Germany, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Greece, and the United Kingdom.

I have been a member of the academic faculty and poster group Director at the On Des Art Institute in Iran, as well as a member of the policy council for the international design event in Isfahan, Iran, and a contemporary artist at the Avant-garde Museum in Switzerland. My works have been featured or awarded in over 70 biennials, festivals, and international exhibitions. Additionally, I have taught at universities in Iran and Poland and held solo exhibitions in Italy, Iran, the United States, and Poland.

Professional activity

2023 – Graphic Designer of Family Love Care Australia institute, Australia

2010–2023 –Art Director & Graphic Designer of Safari Design Studio, Iran

2019–2023 –Graphic Designer of Two Thousand Feet Up Theatre Co, Canada

2015–2023 –Graphic Designer of Cinema Povero International Film Festival, Italy

2017–2023 –Graphic Designer of Bliss333 International Film Festival, USA

2020–2023 –Art Director of Poster Povero Festival, Italy

2019–2023 –Art Director of Daarva Kouh Co, Iran

2022–2023 –Graphic Designer of European Poetry Festival, England

2022–2023 –Graphic Designer of Art Medal Group (Fidem Representative of Iran), Iran

2019–2023 –Art Director of First International Event of Isfahan Graphic Design, Iran

2016 & 2022 –Graphic Designer of Iranian book and literature house Institute, Iran

2021–Art Director of the Third International Annual Design Exhibition, Iran

2017 & 2021 –Graphic Designer of Cow International Design Festival, Ukraine

2018 & 2020 –Illustrator of ReOrient Festival, Sweden

2017 & 2018 –Graphic Designer of Monilazariston Festival, Greece

2016–Graphic Designer of Sao Paulo Jazz Festival, Brazil

2011–2014 –Graphic Designer of Isfahan Museum of Contemporary Arts, Iran


Articles & Interviews

Babak Safari, 2022, Plakat Perski, “Linia Prosta” magazine, Tarnów, Poland

2021– Interview

University of Applied Science Center, Karaj, Iran

Department of Graphic Design and Visual Arts

Topic: Review of the History of Poster Design and The Process of designing

Creative Posters

2020–Interview & Conference

“Graphic Conference” of the 9th Book Fair of Alborz Province, Iran

Topic: Review of the Design Process of the Cover, Structure and Layout of the Book


Interview on National Radio of Iran “Cultural Dialogue Program”, Iran

Topic: Review of Social Posters and Solving the Pathology of Environmental Graphics

In Tehran 3


Babak Safari’s Poster Art Book, Canada

– The book of Babak Safari’s Poster Works, which was Published by Amazon Publisher

Awards & Accolades


2022–Third Prize in 18th International Biennale of Theatre Poster Rzeszow, Poland 2021–Special Award of Poster Fest 03, Hungary 2017–First Prize In “Heart of Tehran City” Poster Festival, Iran

Individual Exhibition

2022–Individual Poster Exhibition at Akademia Sztuki w Szczecinie, Poland

2022–Individual Poster Exhibition at Akademia Sztuk Pięknych im. Jana Matejki w Krakowie, Poland

2022–Individual Poster Exhibition at Politechnika Krakowska im. Tadeusza Kościuszki, Poland

2020–Individual Poster Exhibition at Filharmonia w Szczecinie, Poland

2019–Individual Poster Exhibition at Blissfest333 Gallery, USA

2012–Individual Poster Exhibition at Naghshkhaneh Gallery in Esfahan, Iran

Work selected to final contest evaluation

2023–28th Poster Biennale in Warsaw, Poland

2023–Bienal del Cartel Bolivia BICeBé, Bolivia

2023–USIPB .United States International Poster Biennial, USA

2023–ISPB. International Student Poster Biennale. Lublin

2022–18th International Biennale of Theater Posters, Rzeszow, Poland

2022–17th International Poster Biennal Cartel, Mexico

2022–11th Trnava Poster Triennial, Slovakia

202 –TPAM-Theatrical Posters Festival, Armenia

2022–EPF – the Ecuador Poster Bienal, Ecuador

2022–10th International Triennial of Stage Poster, Bulgaria

2021–The Lemland International Poster Festival, Poland

2021–B.I. International Poster Art Biennale, Republic of Korea

2021–17th International Festival Jazz in the Ruins, Poland

2021–27th Poster Biennale in Warsaw, Poland

2021–Bienal del Cartel Bolivia BICeBé, Bolivia

2020–16th International Poster Biennal Cartel, Mexico

2018–26th Poster Biennale in Warsaw, Poland

2018–15th International Poster Biennal Cartel, Mexico

2014–24th Warsaw Poster Biennale in Warsaw, Poland

2012–5th World Biennial of Student Poster-Novi sad, Serbia

2012–Social Design Poster “Seed of Peace”, Italy

2010–Felicity poster Festival, Italy

2010–4th World Biennial of Student Poster-Novi sad, Serbia 4

Jury Experience

2023–Jury member of the international exhibition “What Unites Us”, Turkiye

2020–Jury member of the “We are Super Heroes Poster Festival”, Poland

2018–Jury member of the “Cow Design Biennale”, Ukraine

2014–Jury member of the “Work Right Poster Competition”, France

Lecturer & Workshops

Lecturer & Workshops


Bahar Naranj Visual Arts School, Isfahan, Iran

Poster design inspired by Syndromes And Cancers

Isfahan City Center University of Applied Science, Iran

Poster design

Applied design inspired by biomimicry

Soore University, Iran

Poster design (inspired by biomimicry)

Sanaei Educational Institute, Iran

Applied Design Inspired by Science

Fazili Girls Art Academy of Isfahan, Iran

Social poster design

The historical collection of the Safavid House & Aknoon Gallery, Iran

Poster design (inspired by biomimicry)

The New Media Art Department’s students of the PJAIT, Poland

Creativity in poster design

Akademia Sztuki w Szczecinie, Poland

Creativity in Persian Typography Poster

Akademiki politechnika krakówie, Poland

Creativity in Persian typography poster

Arta Girls Art Academy of Isfahan, Iran

Poster design