Born in 1986, BandarAbbas, Iran

Graphic Designer

Master Degree- Graphic Design

in Sooreh university- Tehran

Living in Tehran

Freelance designer




-The member of Union of Designer

-Member of Online Jury (Work Right poster  Competition) / France

-Member of Online Jury (Cow Design Biennale) / Ukrain

-Senior Art Director in Nesha Company / Iran / 2018

-Senior Art Director in Barang Food company / Iran / 2017

-Graphic Designer of Karmisen Theater Group / Iran /2014 to 2018

-Graphic Designer of  Home  of book Publisher / Iran / 2015 to 2018

-Book cover Designer of Soore Book Publisher / Iran / 2018

-Designer  of Beheshti Museum / Iran / 2014 to 2016

-Designer  of Esfahan Museum of Contemporary art / Iran / 2011 to 2013

-Designer of Municipality (Beautification Organization) / Iran / 2016 to 2017

-Graphic Designer of Bliss International Film Festival  / Usa / 2016 to 2019

-Grphic Designer of Sao paulo Jazz Festival / Brazil  / 2017

-Graphic Designer of Monilazariston Festival / Greece / 2019- 2017

-Graphic Designer of Cow International Design festival / Ukrain / 2017

-Graphic Designer of International Reggae Poster Contest / Greece / 2017

-Curious Classics - Klassiska Traditioner från hela världen / Sweden / 2018 to 2019



-Self Promotional Posters-Isfahan

-Self Promotional Posters-Ahwaz

-Invitation Exhibition The Seattle-La Habana-Tehran Poster Show

-Invitation Exhibition world wide graphic designers

-Invitation International Poster Festival Turkey 2013

-Invitation Exhibition of 70th Iranian Posters Poster

-Candidate 35th fadjr international theater festival

-Candidate 31th fadjr international theater festival

-Candidate of the 17th Iranian Academic Theater Festival

-Selected Warsaw International  Poster Biennale - Poland 2018- 2015

-Selected Positiv Poster - Australia(Third prize) - 2012

-Selected Felicity - Italy -  2010

-Selected 4Block -  Ukrain

-Selected Social Poster Design - Italy

-Selected ISPB International Student  Poster Biennale .Lublin - Poland

-Selected International Reggae Poster Contest (IRPC)- Grecce

-Selected World Biennial Exhibition of  Student Poster,Novi Sad - Serbia

-Selected Golden Bee -Russian

-Selected bienal cartel - Mecxico

-Selected first Cannabis Poster Exhibition - Grecce

-Selected Heart of city poster Designe festival - Iran- (First prize)

-Selected Awakening World Awards- Iran

-Selected Red Crescent Poster Festival

-Selected 31th fadjr international theater festival

-Selected World Graphic Poster International Poster

-Selected Poster Exhibition About Commemoration of Isfahan city 1

-Selected Poster Exhibition About Commemoration of Isfahan city 2

-Selected The 5th World Exhibition of Letter Writing by Asma Alhassani

and ...





Honor & Award